international relations on the cashmere front and fred discovers a new craft

There's always a little down-time on weekends, and I tend to fill it with working very hard at being lazy. This doesn't always happen, but I try. Yesterday, while Himself was fretting over which of 1548 channels to bless with his eyeballs, I noticed that my sweater was pilling. Mmm, quelle surprise. But then I noticed that there seems to be a relationship - tenuous, perhaps, but there - between the cashmere sweater and the trusty de-piller. Does the State Department know about this? Is cashmere fuzz going to be our next secret weapon in the quest for world peace? Can sweaters bring about a peaceful and symbiotic relationship?

While pondering global issues and combing the sweater (hold still dammit), I came across a possible use for the
cashmere fuzz. You will no doubt be as pleased as I was to learn that furry cashmere drippings can be recycled into charmingly demented little knick-knacks which you can inflict on those to whom you must bring house gifts. The craft is called "needle felting," and to do it you repeatedly jab a specially made needle into a handful of special wool until you have a tight blob which you then poke and press with your fingers until it assumes a recognizable shape (other than blob).
The little fellow to the left is for available on Etsy in several colors.

Well, that's that. Your mentor told you multi-tasking is dangerous. Next week we will prepare dinner whilst considering whether there is any nutritional value in leather bracelets, which we might need to know should things in Libya go pear-shaped.

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