mojito report:many are cold but some are frozen


really cold 'cause the rum actually froze too!
so we plan to invest in some popsicle forms....
looks like we won't pull up the mint after all
in fact, we may be the first gardeners in recorded
history to encourage it!

Ooops, almost forgot recipe: simmer together ¼ cup white sugar and ¼ cup water until sugar is dissolved. Meanwhile, gather ½ cup fresh mint leaves, ⅓ cup fresh lime juice, ⅓ cup white rum, and 1 cup water. Put everything into a small-to-medium pitcher, whizz with a stick blender till it's a beautiful pale green with a few dark spots, and carefully pour into popsicle molds. Freeze overnight. If using cup-&-stick method, put 6 3-oz. paper cups into a loaf pan, pour mix into cups, put pan into freezer, freeze for an hour or 2 until mushy-firm and insert sticks. I used bamboo skewers cut in half and stuck into plastic straws, also shortened. They worked fine. Then freeze the rest of the way overnight. Naturally if you do this in the morning you can probably serve at dinner.
Note: I just fixed a typo -- recipe calls for one third cup of rum, not one fourth. 


  1. Thanks for this! The mint on our deck is growing wild and I don't feel like making mint juleps again!

    Did I deliberately misread you? Nonetheless I agree, if I started on these in the morning (and stopped by noon) I could probably still serve dinner without burning/spilling anything. Ha!

  2. Hi, anon, the idea is to get them in the freezer in the morning and slurp them at/before/after dinner. However, if you're using paper cups and skewers instead of pop molds, the sticks won't stand up in the liquid. So you have to check the little cups mid-morning and insert the sticks when the mixture is mushy, then continue the freezing. Hope this helps.

  3. Okay, I have to try this (and good thing I won't actually use too little rum now...!)

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