I’ve got a sequin...

and if Blogger's benevolence continues, and this post ever gets published, here are a few things I picked up recently to see me through the winter, or the winters, if that's in store.

olive green chinos, dark and not-so-dark jeans, a few tees replaced - oh, seriously does anyone still need to see pictures?

the brown/maroon/burgundy sequin pencil skirt - real possibilities. In the not-too-distant past, this skirt would have been shown with a chambray or gingham shirt or a striped tee or (gasp!) an Aran sweater. Well, no.

I believe it's now safe to say that I always thought that kind of combination looked like “my big sister said I could borrow the skirt but I’d have to find my own top because her chest is way bigger than mine”.

Depending on the light, the sequins read as very dark brown, as “burgundy,” as maroon, as mahogany, as almost purple. By the way, since Winter Is Coming, or Is Here, J.Crew Factory has some nice wine-colored tights that have worked well with the skirt. So far.

Sooo... here are some silk blouses that can accompany the skirt to dinner out or to a concert of holiday madrigals. Top, Vince, next two, Sézane.

I’ve ordered a velvet top with a draped neckline, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t vouch for the color. However I’m enchanted with the play of textures. Fingers crossed. 

Also en route, a few cashmere pullovers, but no conclusion until I see the colors and reach an independent judgment on the fuzziness quotient. I’ve ordered a deep cool brown and a lavender. No bows or other features, I think the blend of textures will be enough visual activity.


  1. You make me laugh with your big sister comments. J Crew did have years of that, didn't they. Fabulous skirt. I'm sure you can pair it with many things.

    1. hi, Jen, it took me a long time to recover from the leather lederhosen and knee boots.

  2. I really love all your choices. I just ordered a Sézane blouse for the first time. I adore most everything on their site. Now I just need to rob a bank. Your sense of humor is the best!

    1. well, the Sézane blouses went back - the fit was just a little off. Also thinking bout returning the velvet top.


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