lunch at Picholine during the cold snap (with snow)

Saturday lunch, snow again, cold again, off to Picholine by intrepid taxi. Not crowded, we were the only New Yorkers in the small dining room. Large main dining room was empty.

So… amuse-bouche, then I had a lovely flavorful tuna napoleon, thin slices of raw tuna stacked on crisp little flatbreads, accompanied by a tiny oval scoop of "olive oil ice cream"-- I would have preferred a lemon crème fraiche-- he had the wild mushroom risotto which he did not like. I tasted it, didn't care for it either. It was just not a risotto, plain and simple. Have had enough to know the difference. However, loved the mains despite menu inaccuracies. We both had Columbia River sturgeon with what the menu called Pommes Lyonnaise (small slice of a potato gratin, not Pommes Lyonnaises at all but good just the same), Parsley Coulis (some leaves of very flavorful Italian parsley in melted butter), Garlic Froth. Good sturgeon. M. Brennan, the chef-proprietor, strode through the dining room to the bar, quick about-face, frowned, strode back. We weren't inspired to stay for dessert.

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  1. Sad! We were just saying we wanted to go back to Picholine soon - it is in our top 10. Of course, M. Brennan hasn't frowned at us. Yet.


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