Please, no.

I was wondering just how influential Donald Trump really is.
Like, just who takes him seriously?
Is he a role model for America's young people?
Or could his influence be spreading in different directions?
A quick frolic through Google and Insta suggests that
a potentially dangerous trend is starting to take shape....
And beyond the feline kingdom.....
These Trump-like objects are pinatas, made in Mexico!
Oops, that cat doesn't look like the Donald, although I do perceive a resemblance to a notorious and fanatical right-wing demagogue....

July 14

July 14th is Bastille Day.
Will there be champagne? There may....

Donna Karan - retiring.

When she started her business, she made clothes you actually wanted to wear to places you actually went.  What made the clothes so desirable? the fit, the fabrics, the details, the tailoring. They were made for real women - jackets fit over the hips, the buttons buttoned, you could find the piece that you needed to complete the outfit. She came up the hard way, and after her boss/mentor died, she mourned her loss and got to work. After her husband died, she mourned her loss and got to work.

She played with sequins and beads - but they stayed sewn on. Her cashmere sweaters were like steel magnolias, warm, soft, dainty, and unpillable. Mine still look great under a blazer, with Donna's not-quite-a-boatneck.

For a wonderful occasion, I wore a wine-colored satin maxi skirt with a wine-colored cowlneck cashmere sweater - the sweater had sequins on it, but from across the room you saw only a warm glow.

In case your life didn't require a sweater with sequins, there was also a simple, lighter weight wine-colored sweater to go with the skirt. She was considerate that way. I got the second sweater, too, and a pair of wine wool pants. I was good to go.

You could sit down in her pants.

Her wrap skirts stayed wrapped.

Her silks were thick and opaque.

Her necklines looked like they knew what they were doing.

Of course, life and budgets and The Economy meant that if I wanted a real Donna Karan outfit, I had to hunt it down, haunt sales and specials (Bloomingdales would have one piece in my size, Bergdorf might have the other or I'd haul my weary self to Century 21 or Loehmann's). I never had to worry about quality; I never had to worry about class.

Her accessories were - well, here are examples of pieces I've collected over time. A short pull-through black velvet scarf, made from a tube of silk velvet. A blue velvet beret. A tweed jacket and skirt. Blouses of thick white silk with pick-stitched seams. Bags with compartments and pockets. A small belt bag - every time I wear it, people stop me and ask... Rocks and crystals on leather thongs.

As the business grew, sadly, to my thinking the clothes became more glamorous and less accessible.  Interestingly, though, the pieces I'd frantically tracked down have held their value and utility. But for years, Donna was the opposite of She Whose Name I Will Not Speak, and I honor Donna for the integrity of her designs and her product.

And if she ever passes a bolt of something interesting and happens to come across a scissors and some pins and chalk, I hope someone will let me know.

life at the beach

our Village has a post office
the Government says the post office is a fourth-class post office
this means they don't deliver regular mail
you go to the P.O. and collect it

but see how thoughtful our P.O. is?

I think it's a first-class operation