the last morning at Las Ventanas

learned last night at cocktail party that those lumps and splashes in the ocean that I thought might have been whales - only who stands on a beach and sees whales? - are in fact whales! Before we leave this afternoon, will bring telescope from room down to beach and try for a closer look. Altho my general experience with Nature is that when an animal or bird is known for a particular behavior, said behavior will not be demonstrated while I am within 50 miles of said animal. Or bird. If they do in fact demonstrate an interesting or charming behavior for me, (1) it's not one they're known for, and (2) noone but me sees it. And (3) camera misses it. Here

is a snap of where a bright blue & yellow bird was hopping & dancing until I touched the button on the camera.
Well, I have loved my 4 nights here, loved all the different ceviches, loved the Mexican cuisine, loved the beaches, have been so mellow I did not even look at the shops. Will use airport wait time to check out the latest j.crew efforts to shift inventory before the shareholder vote. Not easy to shop on an iPhone but it can be done.

Oops, the bird's back!

- Posted from my iphone in Cabo

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