Lunch at Fish Story, NapA

I thought I might never eat again after dinner Friday night, but Saturday was another glorious mild sunny day, so into the car and north to Napa. We hadn't been to Napa in a few years, so everything looked new. The plan was to stop at a winery or three, so it seemed like a good idea to have lunch first. We opted for Fish Story, which was a great choice.

- naturally they were having a Dungeness Crab Festival, and we indulged, Also were v. pleasantly surprised by real fried clams!
Following lunch we tottered around Napa, one wine shop and resto after another, and apparently more "opening soon." this is the kind of "urban sprawl" I can relate to.

Back on the road, a cheerful stop at the Reserve Room at BV Vineyards (burp), and back to SF to rest from a long day's indulgence.

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