A run-in with the enforcer of minimal packing

So next week off to West Coast. This week, Himself makes restaurant reservations, I make agonizing packing lists, 3 stops, 3 climates, 3 styles. Will have to bring large suitcase and check luggage.

Oh, and btw, American Airlines has shrunk their carry-on sizer. Learned this last week coming back from Miami. The little wheelie that has gone all over the world in all kinds of "equipment" (airline-speak for Air-O-Plane), is suddenly getting snatched from my tiny hands as "too big for the sizer, too big for the overhead." But, but, isn't this a 737? I flew a 737 on the way down and my bag fit perfectly. Sorry, no, Airline Girl has a uniform AND a clipboard, and clearly I am not the one who's going to turn her into a trophy wife. Gosh, some days it just doesn't pay to put on make-up.

All I could do was take my time removing laptop, prescriptions, expensive scarves, and work in progress, and cramming same into extra tote that was previously folded into bottom of my purse. Airline girl suggests that computer et al stay in the suitcase. No, say I, a guy I worked with at a UN mission now runs a private security company and he has assured me if I check this type of stuff I will never see it again. Airline Girl stares at tote: You're only allowed one carry-on and one small personal item. Well, that's what I now have.

Plus of course the very dangerous tube of mascara in my pocket. Warning: will bat eyelashes when thirsty. Champagne preferred.

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  1. Ugh, I hate last minute bag shuffles... I was dumb one of the last times I travelled, bringing a backpack, a small purse, and oh, my suitcase to the TSA checkpoint. OOPS, three items... in my head I was thinking I get the area in front of my seat and backpack/purse would have fit, but noooooo, now I have to squeeze what I can in to the rollerbag and check it. Blergh. I did put my laptop in to the checked bag, and did see it again, but it was pretty scary letting it go...

    "clearly I am not the one who's going to turn her into a trophy wife" -- FUNNY!


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