Texts from Last Night Is Getting Scary

In case you don't already know, Texts From Last Night (TFLN) is a website that a friend recommended to me as "the college years we missed." Did we ever. Here is a sample: "(514): maybe next time you'll take an ex boyfriend warning you that she's batshit crazy as a warning instead of a challenge." No link here, find it by yourselves.

This site will make you proud of those who will rule the country while the rest of us spend our golden years sighing over j.crew senior wear (snaps, no buttons) or, for the truly ageless,

j.crew vampire wear.

Anyway, it seems noone is ever - EVER - too drunk or too high to text. Why am I posting this? Because I am convinced that one of the texts I saw this morning could only have come from a guy I consider to be my attorney.

I thought the hair transplant was a good sign, healthy self-esteem and all that, but TFLN scared me. Especially when you reflect that the texts are posted by the recipients.

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