full moon, empty shopping bag, full grocery bag

the view of the full moon over our portion of Long Island was supposed to be 14% larger than the view we normally get, and I decided to avoid the risk of irrational (lunatic) behavior, especially shopping, by avoiding stores and shopping sites. Here is how I did.

Avoided the outlet mall (missed turn, so drove in the other direction).

Avoided the closest Ralph Lauren retail store. "Effortless," as they say; it doesn't reopen until April 14th.

Strolled down Job's Lane, Main Street. There was a certain monotony to the windows of the stores that were already open. Otherwise put, enough striped shirts to stock a prison. Himself says if I want him to wear brightly colored cotton twill slacks I will have to outlive him, because as long as he breathes he will not hold still.

Peeped into J.Crew-at-the-Beach. There was that big paisley print skirt again. Beginning to wonder about it, because it's so distinctive... well, I don't have to decide that until it's marked down, right? Otherwise store was nicely stocked.

Wind changed, lovely day got chilly, someone with more brains than moi said "Isn't anyone else hungry?" Bought fresh morels and baby string beans at fancy grocer, stopped at nice butcher for veal medallions, cream and baby lettuces already in fridge, headed home. Success. Attribute finding right combo of ingredients at right time to full moon.

Looked at computer again after dinner. Found a marked-down sweater that might be great with the paisley skirt. Or not. Went to look at moon.


  1. It is interesting to see someone else have an internal debate (for lack of a better word) on whether to buy or not to buy a certain item. I usually do this late at night when all is quiet and I should be sleeping. I am sure my online Personal Shopper thinks I'm a certified nutbar considering some of the requests I have sent for her to try things on with this or that other thing to see how they work together. At least I have not yet asked her to email me photos of herself in the clothes. That might be going too far. Just a bit.

    That moon was fabulous this weekend.

  2. Debate is the perfect word! Suppose I buy it, and it goes with nothing but I love it, so it turns into a Barbie doll, i.e., in order to enjoy it I have to keep buying it things. Or, worse, suppose I wear it out and 3 other women who love it are also wearing it. Can't even say "Oh, the navy looks great on you!" Will be trudging down to store tomorrow to see what goes with it. There's a lot of orange around this spring.

  3. Orange can be fun and you are right, there is a lot of it this spring. Should be easy to find something to pair with it then, riiiight? ;^)

    I have a few orange skirts and that is probably enough. Unless the paisley one is linen. Is it linen? I am a sucker for linen skirts on those three hot days we get here in Western Canada every summer. :P

    I will be back in the U.S. in April although on a business trip and not in my home state or even close enough for a detour. There is both J.Crew and Madewell in the neighborhood though so if the paisley skirt should happen to be there in person I may give it a try. Then my online PS will be none the wiser and there will be one less retail-only item I will ask her to track down for me. I really hope the Personal Shoppers get a commission or something for putting up with the likes of me.

    I'll be watching to see if you do get it!

  4. I guess that is a good thing about living in Canada. Although I do see J.Crew on the occasional woman it is rare and I've only once seen an item that I also own. Chances of showing up in the same item are virtually nil.

    You could always wear it with a white v-neck tee and sandals!


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