lunch at Barney's - not really a review, just thought I'd mention it

I love that the restaurant on the top floor of Barney's is called Fred's! They can almost always find a table for you, are gender-blind in seating (fill in snarky comment of your choice if you must, but I'm tired of meeting friends and being seated behind swinging doors or next to service stations), and the menu has something for everyone. Dining and drinking/non-drinking preferences are accommodated. Kind of like the staff cafeteria at the UN, only you don't have to carry trays and your fellow diners are better dressed and waaay better accessorized.

Met a close old friend there for lunch and we were so immersed in mourning the breakup of another dear friend's very long and ostensibly happy relationship that the food - um, I think I had a few shrimp and some lettuce, and I think she had some grilled fish and some pasta. Dessert was clearly not called for. The food is fine, don't get me wrong, but it's really not why we went. We went to say "Who knew?" over and over again.

And at a neighboring table, two other women discussing the very same topic! (different breakup, I think. I hope). Naturally we did our best not to listen in but maybe this is worth sharing: "Whoever told Mrs. Spitzer to wear that Hermes scarf on television when he made his statement should be shot. A $400 scarf, and she'll never be able to wear it again. I mean, would you?"

No, Joan Rivers was not at the next table, but I did think... Memories can stick to clothes. The black-and-grey tweed jacket I wore at my dad's funeral - it hangs in my closet, it fits, I've never worn it again.

Do sad little ghosts live in your closet? The very professional white shirt you wore when that jerk gave you a completely undeserved evaluation, the dress you had on when the principal decided to tell you that Little Miss was not going to be in Gifted and Talented next fall... clothes don't forget.


  1. No ghosts in my closet... I gave them all away. It was cleansing.

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  3. Gender-seating? Wow...that's old school. You gotta come to Vancouver and enjoy our food scene, if you ever get a chance. No bias allowed.

    I don't give my clothes any power. I'm with Rose. With the exception of a few keepers (hello Gloverall coat), everything is up for consideration when I clean out my closet. But I do hear you, and xoxo, about things that you wore to major occasions.

  4. Relieved to discover it's not just me for whom unhappy events ruin clothing. I used to try and forget and wear again, now it just goes to Goodwill. Life has enough bad memories I try to forget without additional reminders.


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