OINK OINK OINK - dinner at Maialino

Weds. noon.
The reservation before this had to be canceled; two out of four were ill. Since we had to follow the "procedure" to book here, we're only getting around to pigging out on pork tonight. With a nod to user reviews of electronics, shoes and clothing, I note that the booking procedure is nowhere near as aggravating and pointless as Babbo's. And, alerted by kind friends, we've pre-ordered the roast suckling pig. Anyway, we're in, we're on!

Weds. nite.
First, we'd suspected some kind of run-around, having been offered choice of 6:30 or 9 p.m seatings. Au contraire, we were pleased to note that the place was packed at 6:30,with hungry and happy-looking people who'd obviously come to eat and drink. And everything we passed as we headed for a table looked beyond appetizing. Onward: first courses. I had ambrosial buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto, not an original choice, but plates of it being delivered to others looked sooo appealing. Best.mozzarella.ever. Better than burrata, to my surprise and delight. Others had a special of lamb sweetbreads (animelle alla romana), crisply sauteed slices, perfectly cooked.

Then, the pig! It did not arrive head, feet, tail and all. Rather, you get the premium midsection, what would be the good steaks if the creature could moo, and the outside is very very crispy and crunchy. I meant to take a picture of the platter, but the hungry guys beat me to it, and I felt obliged to taste before snapping. One taste led to another, and here's what was left by the time I wiped off my hands and grabbed the trusty Iphone:
This was accompanied by lovely roast potatoes and jus on the platter, and a special contorno, dandelion leaves with tomato, anchovy, whatever.

We drank well and that's all there is to say about that (this is not going to be a wine blog if I have anything to say about it).

We were too full for dessert. Shame on us.

A word about the location: love it! It's in the Gramercy Park Hotel, and the hotel lobby is worth gaping at, so even though the restaurant has a separate entrance, go into the hotel and drink in the decor. Then back out, a few steps south, and feed the inner beast. Oh, and we left about 9:15-ish, just as the second seating was getting underway.

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  1. Southern Belle Ph.D.March 4, 2011 at 9:24 AM


    Sounds like a wonderful evening out!! I am sure your readers would love to read about the outfits you select to wear on these occasions. I know I certainly would. If you are ever inclined to share, please do!


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