surrounded by assassins!

or rather, by people who want me to spend money! A new "family" Brooks Brothers store is opening (or maybe opened today) at 1180 Madison Avenue, at the northwest corner of East 86th Street, and I'm looking for an excuse to check it out because their latest women's catalog was very, very tempting… I was particulary interested in the Double Collar Striped Shirt, on the web at

looks like it has double cuffs too...

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  1. WFF,

    Nice shirt. I purchased a few supima cotton shirts FP recently but am now preparing a list for the Friends and Family sale at the end of this month. As I am sure you know, 25% off with the Brooks Card. ALways a great time to get everything we need.

    Interesting about the "Family" store. Was in BB in Jax, FL in January and they had put children's clothing in the Women's section reducing the offerings for women by at least 1/3. Was disappointed to see that.

    Southern Belle Ph.D.


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