user review: J.Crew gemini satchel

this is a plus and minus bag, so here's a plus and minus review

+ it's shaped like a chunky shoebox with handles, so, good capacity but can't be overfilled, and it doesn't look like everyone else's bag
- there's only one zipper at the top and it's short; front zipper opens but pocket is useless
+ pickpockets can't grab things out of bags with zippers
- a lot of the time, neither can I
+ the bag is fully lined
- with black cotton fabric, so between that and the short top zipper you can't see inside without a flashlight
+ there's a zip pocket at each end, great for bus pass, security pass, keys
- the end pockets are completely indistinguishable from one another
+ it has a shoulder strap, or cross-body strap, which is detachable
- the strap is heavy! can you beat it? and when wearing it with the strap, access to the interior is even more complicated
+ it has 2 little interior pockets and 1 larger, zipped interior pocket
- which are insufficient for organization.

What I wish it had:
slot on the outside for bus pass, security pass
more pockets inside

Why I like it: it's dark green leather, which affects me the same way dark green velvet does.

Would I buy it again?
yes, because it's dark green leather (see above)
no, unless there's another 40% off final sale promotion like there was when I bought this one.
You might also like to know:
I bought the little clutch-y one (the Gemini pouchette)
in dark green too. I find it very impractical, but I LURRRVE it.


  1. I also love dark green leather and came very close to buying this bag. Alas I did not but I still look for it on pop-back!
    Love the silver-toned hardware on it too.

  2. I was going to get the gemini satchel but was worried about the short zipper on the top providing limited access, which could quite possibly drive me batty when I'm wearing gloves. I went for the gemini tote instead and it is huge but I do like it for long car trips when I need to bring everything but the kitchen sink along for an extended drive.

    I bought the gemini pouchette before Christmas and returned it because the long pocket was impractical since you have to fold the bag. I'm having the same dilema with the roulette clutch now as well. Roulette review is on my blog.

  3. Thanks for yet another funny review!


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