catching up again - The Return of The Smelly Bag, more about That Skirt

The Smelly Bag is gone! Took it out to Target this weekend to return in person. It had spent a few days out on the terrace in the city, but the odor remained, so I wrapped it up, put that package into a plastic shopping bag which I taped shut and stuck in the car trunk. Drove out to the Little House Off the Expressway with windows open in the drizzle just in case.
The Lethal Package spent the night in the garage, and I was at Target at 8 the next morning. All the doors were open -- they must have been expecting me! I thought I was having olfactory hallucinations when I entered the store, and was afraid the smell was emanating from me and The Lethal Package. However the return was uneventful, and as I left, I noticed RACKS of The Bag, in several colors (quite nice colors, actually) and a couple of sizes, right at the front of the store, and that must have been why all the doors were open. It didn't help the odor situation, and I was actually quite concerned because there were smokers gathering at the entrance. I ran before someone lit a match.

More not world-shaking news: bought the red paisley skirt, and a cotton tank in "smoldering brick" plus a featherweight short cotton cardigan, also in "smoldering brick," to top it off. Used some promo or other; was just concerned that the colors I wanted wouldn't be around when I needed them. Not thrilled with name of red-orange color, why not just call it "Arson: Still A Felony"? Note that IRL, the arson color is one of the colors in the paisley pattern, just not the main color. So that's ok.

This concern was brought on by seeing the skirt styled with a navy-and-white striped tee at the Madison Avenue store. There are times when it's necessary for me to get dressed in the dark, but it's not a look to which I aspire.... Anyway, liking the monotone look over the busy bottom, and having the top in 2 pieces is good for travel in hot damp places with over-air-conditioned restaurants (looking at you, N.O.) And will love the tank/sweater combo with tan linen pants and tortoise bakelite link necklace as well. Don't you love multi-use travel wear?


  1. LOL at your exercise to return that bag. I've walked in stores before and immediately walk back out because of all the synthetics off-gassing.

    I love orange, and have collected a few pieces for the spring/summer season. I'm not quite at saturation yet, because I don't see a lot of it worn on the streets. I think the pieces you have picked out are lovely, and will look nice matchy matchy or mixed with other pieces.

  2. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 12, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    I was in Target this weekend as I desperately wanted a latte from Starbucks. As I walked in, I thought of you immediately! There, right in front, were racks and racks of that bag. I quickly took a left and headed for my latte. I did not even want to get close to that bag.

    So glad you purchased that skirt. I like the way you styled it as well. Also like your plans to wear the tops with your linen pants. Although I was close to my "favorite" B&M over the past several days, I decided to place an order online. It included one of the Angela Adams tote bags...thinking future travel plans. Not sure I should report this but I was given the 20% discount on that item as well and it is a third party brand. Feeling a bit guilty now...

  3. no guilt about getting a good deal from JC after what I just read about Dear Leader on JCA!


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