a peep at some new items at J.Crew, Madison Avenue

It's hard to go anywhere without stumbling into this store - 5 city buses stop almost in front of it, Grand Central Station with access to 4 or 5 subway lines plus all those commuter trains is a hop away - so whatever else I have to do in the area, I usually manage a peep.
Or two.

New merch out on the floor, not so many new ideas. For instance, the woolly romper from the April catalog has arrived

in festive springlike army green.

Sorry for the blur, this is the lovely green paisley print that was so admired in an early version in a Lookbook, and it makes up into a very pretty shirt indeed. Silk-cotton blend, long-ish sleeves. Nice.
Old news - skinny minis, puffy minis (by puffy I mean gathered waists with no waistband). Feh.

Did not like a gold lamé tee (synthetic) with poly lining.
Was hoping it might do to change into for one of the afterparties of the Royal Wedding but then realized that I would not be too fresh and dainty after wearing it on a warm day for 5 minutes.

I liked a short-sleeved silk tee, black & white stripes, thought it would be great with wide-legged whir pants, also under a black linen blazer, also with a red skirt -
even though I'm getting tired of stripes this looked fresh to me.

Was not thrilled to see more glittery sparkly stuff.

Enough already.

Lots of shorts in lots of colors. How cute they are is going to depend on how faithfully you did those squats and stretches this past winter. But you knew that.

That's all for now, have to call downstairs to doorman to check if Royal Messenger has arrived with Belated But Sincere Invitation.


  1. What? Still with the sequins and it will be summer soon. hmph.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am imagining that you have a very glamorous NY life, morels and the Collection Store! Oh and a doorman, royal invitation or not, that is very glamorous.

  2. Actually I ducked into the regular store at Madison and 44th between some very UN- glamorous appointments!
    But I am having fun imagining my "pretend" outfit for the wedding. Picture something like Dame Edna in J.Crew only with comfortable shoes...

  3. I saw the new collection at the Collection store today (even with the 4 buses stopping right there people actually manage to miss the store with those tiny windows and the Jcrew sign in subtle golden italic on the door. I get stopped all the time by people looking for the store while in front of it). Anyway, the green paisley print also comes in a scarf (not silk, linen I think), bikini and a strapless dress. I tried the dress and it looked really bad on me, so I might actually go with the romper (that they didn't have).

  4. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 20, 2011 at 7:19 PM


    Thank you sooooo much for sharing! I am thinking I may save money during this new rollout. I did order three of the new linen shirts and love them for Summer. Did you happen to see the new linen skirts that are supposed to be out soon? Too Old for minis and prefer casual skirts to shorts so just hoping...

    Be sure to let us know if you make it to London and what you will be wearing. Just the right Hat and we would be able to spot you in a second!!


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