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Some time ago, a certain Garmento was heard saying he'd like to sell $800 umbrellas. During this morning's romp through the web sites I visit (I know I'm running out of time to accessorize by mail order for my Wedding Outfit but I'm still checking for last minute inspirations), I observed that this gentlemen is about ⅔ of the way to achieving this worthy goal. I'm including a link as a reality check: but in case the item vanishes from the web site, or the link snaps, I have copied the product photo and the accompanying copy for your delectation. Et les voici:

Swaine Adeney Brigg racing umbrella

$515.00 item 39870

The newest import from the storied British leather goods label, whose world-class luggage, equestrian and travel accessories have been carried by Her Majesty the Queen and 007 himself. The famous Brigg umbrella is an Old World mix of exquisite materials and rarefied expertise. Made with a special two-piece construction and featuring a gold-plated collar with the Royal Warrant, a Malacca cane handle (sourced from the rattan palm), a birch shaft and an expansive nylon canopy with incredible tensile strength. In short, the Brigg has been engineered against London rain, the most formidable of weather foes. Beyond being a style statement par excellence, this extraordinary umbrella gives you the feeling of holding hundreds of years of history in your hands—and given its meticulous construction, we can assure you it will last for many more. Nylon twill canopy with Malacca cane wood handle. Length: 36 1/2".

Oh, yes, the Copywriter from Space is still with us. Do you really think Her Majesty carries her own luggage? or holds her own umbrella? Or presents her own passport? I didn't either.
Although I did find a shot of her mother holding an umbrella, so maybe the thought of HRH lugging heavy leather and metal suitcases is not so far-fetched after all. And I know just who might be moved to send her some luggage....


  1. Many thanks for posting this, absolutely necessary for future reference.

    1) The Malacca cane handle probably costs about $1, maximum $5, as the average Indonesian or Malaysian plantation worker earns less than $100 month. The Strait of Malacca runs between the two countries, and Singapore.

    2) London rain is pitter patter compared to tropical monsoons.

    Ugh, this reminds me just how pretentious Dear Leader can be.

  2. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 23, 2011 at 6:31 PM

    WFF,you must purchase the umbrella for your trip to London! BTW, if you still need ideas or just a place to start, BB has a derby hat and two others as well. One is quite flowery and has feathers. You could always run over to BB and make the purchase and then remake the hat to suit your ensemble! IF, you decide against attending the Royal Wedding, there is always the Kentucky Derby coming up soon. I suspect your outfit could go either least the hat!


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