Questionable Link of the Week

Does this mean I won't be able to post another questionable link until next week? That may be a Good Thing. A company whose name we all know well is running a contest in which women are asked to design a decorative version of the company's product, a decorative version of a Useful Box to Keep (them) In, and an Inspiration Board to help other aspiring designers. Winners get to work with Patricia Field to create what I think is meant to be the definitive unnecessary version of the company's product.

My grandmother used to say that it's our ability to accessorize that separates us from the animals. Obviously whoever thought this up did not have a grandmother with such elevated taste.

OK, here's the link:

Don't spoil the surprise for your friends by forwarding - tell them to come here and click! (if they have a sense of humor, that is).


  1. OMG. That's just a bit much IMO. And what about the dyes used to put the design on the pad? I can't stop shaking my head...

  2. oh dear wrong...although the Edward one is quite funny(if gross)- I had a friend in product design back in the early 2000s produce a 'bleed on bush' political pad.

    I mean, really, who thinks this is a good idea? I don't need wild personalized patterns on my hygiene products, thanks.

  3. Ok, I can sorta see having a cute carrying case for your "items." However, I really do not understand the need for designer pads. I saw an ad, I think in the new Lucky, for fancy colored tampons too. Wow, is about all I can say. Except, maybe, as others have said, why?


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