Catalog shoot outtakes? or rites of Spring (with a nod to M. Stravinsky)

We were discussing yesterday (the Whining Diner and I) how divesting ourselves of winter wrappings inspires us to spend money on spring-like trimmings, when all of a sudden cold wet semi-frozen stuff fell out of the sky and right down onto us. Obviously there is some minor deity one of our number has failed to propitiate. But be of good cheer, because right after the heavenly ice drips, we were able to view a shoot of what can only be a Certain Beloved Catalog's issue for a Summer Month. I feel privileged to share this with you. Click to watch the video, and be inspired. Stills with close-ups follow.

Don't know about you all, but I'm certainly ready for Spring clothes, and Spring travel. And enough of this silly moderation in eating, I'll believe it serves a rational purpose when I can send the stems of my broccoli to the starving children in the flood plain of East Wherever (some country that had a broccoli shortage, no doubt).

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