wedding update - at last the invitation arrives!

well, first, my Invitation has finally arrived. Thought you'd be relieved, I know I was. To my surprise, it did not arrive by mail, by international courier, or by special messenger.  But when I got up this morning, there on the doorstep were (1) a small bag of jellybeans and (2) an envelope.

The Bunny brought it. I'm certain it was he; who else would have thought to add jellybeans to a Royal Invitation?

Naturally I controlled myself and put the jellybeans aside to concentrate on getting the envelope open withoutruining the wax seal. Alas, I had not yet had coffee and so I consider myself lucky to have gotten the thing open without shredding it entirely.

I also did not expect a hand-written note from Kate, with "me too, WW ;-* " scribbled at the bottom and a smiley face from Kate.

Nevertheless, it is very clear that they are mortified that the more formal (suitable for framing) invitation somehow didn't arrive, which they intuited from the fact that I hadn't sent back the reply card, and so they were just very sweetly following up. I am touched, and of course this kind of thing could happen to anyone. No hard feelings here (although if I had been 100% absolutely certain of an invitation,  I wouldn't have cooked all those things with cream last week - hope I'll find something in closet that fits!)

Himself is most supportive and is rooting around in basement to see if he can find half a bottle of champagne.

Mantra for the next few days: represent America, no black, no white, no lace, nothing sparkly in hair, national dress always acceptable. What on earth is our national dress? I refuse to wear it if it's a hockey pinny. Also if it's a sequinned sweatshirt.

A very Happy Easter and joyous Passover to all!


  1. So exciting! I hope you'll share a photo of the chosen outfit for the big day. Here's hoping the jellybeans were delicious too -- what a perfect accompaniment!

  2. heh...the big question is what is the correct hat diameter for a wedding of such import? one too wide would obscure the view of others, never mind uncomfortable for your seat mates (or must one remove it- but then what happens to your hair?)

  3. Hmmm, maybe that explains the popularity of fascinators... Certainly easier to pack than a big hat.


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