wedding update: more fascinators, and fred makes some decisions

I walked past Kokin this morning and stopped, frozen, at the sight of the wonderful fascinators in the window. What can I say? I was indeed fascinated. I haven't bit yet, because I don't know what my plane fare will cost, and I may have to go back to the plan in which I complete the headgear on the plane. But I couldn't resist sharing these. Kokin is on ThirdAvenue, on the west side of the street, just below East 79th Street.

Meanwhile, some more decisions: toenails, British Racing Green by Butter London.
Fingers, Barefoot and Topless by Essie. Scent: Jour de FĂȘte by L'Artisan Parfumeur (but only a little, since the Abbey will be crowded and the football reception will be worse).
Underpinnings: none of your business! Gloves: white, required, will purchase tomorrow. Shoes: still working on this. Handbag: ditto - I know HRH carries an empty handbag but at minimum I have to have a passport and cabfare with me at all times when I travel.
            Why does She carry an empty handbag? Why, to encourage patronage of the British handbag industry, of course.

            I am very closely checking the labels of everything, and I must say it is very difficult to find an entire, coordinated outfit in which each piece is made in the USA.


  1. I didn't know she carried an empty handbag!
    Darling, I don't think your glue gun will be allowed on the plane. You must deal with your headgear now!
    I think your choice of toe polish is very fitting. I may look for that tomorrow at my favorite boutique, and polish my toes in honor of you.
    Not Kate, I've already bought Emma Bridgewater Pottery in honor of the Happy Couple. It's got helicopters stenciled on it!

  2. ooh, good point. I was planning to put it in the poofy flowered envelope with the travel dryer, flat iron, shower cap and spare brush. And just have the refills in a plastic bag in carryon with a few Rolos. But just in case, I'll tuck in a handful of baggie twistems.


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