Dinner at Brigtsens, New Orleans Saturday night

Can't come to NO without dinner at Brigtsens. Frank and Marie are so happy to see you, you just feel like the most welcome company they've ever had. We almost always try new places, but this is one dear favorite we'll never miss. The restaurant is in several dining rooms in an old house that somehow keeps getting nicer without changing and without being cutesy,

We came for the food! Lots of good choices! We started with:

Oops, no, we didn't, that was his Louisiana strawberry shortcake. We are just a tad self-indulgent, but that was not the starter. I will try again.

Left: crabmeat salad with heirloom tomatoes; right: crawfish & corn soup. Joy.

His main- Mr. Brigtsens' seafood platter

His main - Mr. Brigtsen's seafood platter, on the left, and mine - veal with andouille gravy and cheese grits.

OK, now you can go back and look at those strawberries !

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