dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill

The Gotham Bar and Grill has been around since the 80's. New Yorkers love it and it loves us. The food is great, the noise level is rarely worse than tolerable, the service is thoughtful and professional, and the seating is comfortable.  When Europeans ask for a recommendation of a restaurant that is "typiquement New-Yorkais," we send them here.

This is where the vertical seafood salad was invented and became a classic. Forget all the bad or silly versions you may have had; if you want to know what it should be when it's good, have it here. I almost always do. Generous helping of lobster, shrimp, octopus, squid, lobster coral, avocado, in a light lemony aioli. Left and right are before and "during" shots.... The "after" shot was not pretty. Yum.
And because it's Spring, there were
 Soft-Shells on the menu! 
Couldn't resist! Served with a few spring vegetables, baby fava beans, peas....

The guys had rack of lamb.  Nice wine, too.

Skipped dessert, but they sent out candies anyway. We're planning another trip, which means the agony of mental packing for me: reviewing all the things that are probably still too snug after New Orleans. Oh, well.

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