Fred is drawn to the outlets by a powerful magnet

Passed our local outlet mall while doing the grocery-drugstore-hardware-nursery run to make sure that this weekend Château Flintstone will be adequate to the challenges of two neurotics planning a trip, possible drop-ins, and the additional possibility of the end of the world. Actually didn't pass, turned in for a look. Note new regime of being honest with self: I did not say "a quick look." Report follows.

Ralph Lauren. Nothing really new, collection store clearance racks picked over (by me 2 weeks ago), no new belts, no new bucket hats.

Men's cotton bucket hats give the best protection of streaks & cute lighter spots in my hair vs. sunshine, so will persevere on this.

Off Fifth (saksfifthavenue). The store is getting ready for another grand opening. They have rearranged the merch ("dressed the floor"), but it's still aiming at time travelers who prefer a short trip. Like, say, to 2 years ago.

Gap. meh.


Cuffed linen pants, tag said 100% linen, pants were wrinkled and felt slippery. Lotsa shorts. Pencil skirts galore. The factory paisley and the navy blobby print were also on camis, shirts, kids' dress. Navy also on cardis. Liked, actually, still feel about 8 years old and needing to wear navy for spring. But left there uninspired. And there was 30% off almost everything.

Barneys. Pay dirt. The real designer stuff is in the back, so you have to go past the Coop stuff

(somehow what's in the Coop section always looks like it was designed for prematurely elderly 10-year-olds, and the good stuff sold out back in the real store) -- and onward! On to Isabel Toledo, on to Rodriguez, and HA! Dries! Did I mention all this stuff is on clearance (3rd markdown) PLUS 60% off? Would it not be unpatriotic or something not to sift through all this stuff?

Ultimately took the safe route and came home with accessories. Two scarves, one square purple cashmere with black edging and silver dangly things at each corner,

other a smaller purply-brown rectangle with bronze studs.

Clearly no further exploration was called for. On to the packing lists!

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