Jazzfest bulletin, New Orleans

We arrived yesterday, too late for the first day's music (flying on mileage, couldn't get a nonstop), not too late for dinner. sign of the times: each year it gets more and more difficult to tell the JazzFesties from the other travelers. Example from LAG to Charlotte leg of trip:
Me to older gentleman in straw hat, plaid shorts, sandals-- ooh, are you going to Jazzfest too?
Him (offended) no, my partners and I have a business meeting.
Oh, well. Arrived, cleaned up, dinner at Cochon. Boucherie plate starter-- a not bad plat de charcuterie, maybe a little skimpy. But then I loooved my woodfire roasted oysters so much that I cancelled my next dish and had some more ersters. The Diner had a fried oyster sandwich (not a po'boy, rather a creation on white toast)

followed by ham hocks with red beans n rice. Very meaty hocks, some of the meat scraped off and crisped, more still clinging to the wreckage. The bread basket looked like the usual white tasteless fluff rolls, so I was surprised and delighted to bite into old-fashioned lard bread! Mmm, mmm, mmm. And because I had had such a dainty little meal (only a few oysters, after all), treated self to a giant slice of deep dark chocolate cake. Worth it.

Today, Friday, spending the day at Jazzfest.
Some random snaps that you might enjoy:

Front side of Mardi Gras Indian suit, on exhibit as folk craft, along with truly awesome beadwork appliqué. This is where embellishment belongs!

This one is a ball gown for a Mardi Gras queen on a float, not a street Indian. Nice that the two very different groups were sharing the same exhibition tent!


some random crowd scenes. As you can tell this is not a fashion event but I'm lovin it. Dinner out tonight, more music tomorrow.


  1. oh, that so makes me want to go back! I've only been to Jazzfest once, but I just loved it! Have a rosemint tea for me! oh, and some fried green tomatoes. and a brown jambalaya. wait! crawfish etouffee. oh dear, perhaps I should go back next year. :)

  2. ajr, that's exactly what makes it so hard to tell folks who haven't been about jazzfest! I start talking about musc and before you know it I'm explaining the quail, pheasant & andouille gumbo (from a booth? at a fairgrounds? C'mon!) so i am working on a short & sweet description which I hope to post tomorrow!


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