Nili Lotan military jacket

I was bemused by the Nili Lotan off-center droopy drawers in the latest J.Crew catalog. Of course, I recognized them instantly as "dhoti pants," inspired by or copied from the men's garment called a dhoti, which is essentially a length of cloth wrapped around the waist, one end passed through the legs, pulled up, and tucked into the waistband. The dhoti is worn by men in central and southern India and in Bangladesh, as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka, often with an oxford shirt or a tunic called a kurta on top. Fashion dhoti pants are worn by women in western Europe, east and west coast United States, coastal Canada, and Mediterranean and Caribbean resorts, generally with a bra or tank top. Men who wear the dhoti often have a spiritual reason for keeping the central part of the body cool. Women
who wear dhoti pants have other reasons for being cool in other ways.

Having already sworn never to be seen in a romper (an easy promise to make!), I have extended this oath to the female dhoti. I have to hope, therefore, that by the time I am ready for DePends, some more flattering and convenient outer garment will have been invented.

That said, I was taken aback on today's dash through a J.Crew store, when I saw the most adorable little military jacket. This is another Nili Lotan piece, and is almost cute enough to earn forgiveness for the dhoti pants. It has a short standing collar, single-breasted, and terrific darts from the collar down to the tops of the chest pockets, making it look much more like a tailored "everywhere" piece than a "yardwork" toss-on. And I loved the fabric, cotton, soft, ridged, not quite a corduroy. AND THEN I SAW THE PRICE TAG. ARE THEY CRAZY? An entire village of men who wear real dhotis and their wives and children could eat for a year on the price of this jacket (especially if they are vegetarian). The jacket retails for $555. Before tax. Nuh-uh.


  1. If you are so hot you need to wear some sort of wrapp-y trouser thing? Wear a skirt. (we can call it a skihrti if a trendy name is all that is needed to launch a look).

    goodness. you got me all worked up. If you don't mind, I will climb aboard your bandwagon, and join you in your oath to never to be seen in a dhoti or romper.

  2. This is one of the reasons I am reluctant to follow trends. Often they look questionable years later but some of them look downright silly right away.

  3. Chic Chauffeur and xoxo, I absolutely agree with both of you!

  4. I cannot fathom why anyone affiliated with J. Crew would think those droopy drawers would be a good match for the J. Crew brand. I just don't get it. The jacket caught my eye as well, but the price tag is outrageous. When will J. Crew realize they could sell more product if the quality and price were appropriate. They might sell a few of those jackets at that price but could sell 100's of them for about 300 dollars less !

  5. I'm in agreement with all of you. Oh, boy, am I ever.


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