back home, back to real life?

fortunately the return flight was uneventful and the luggage arrived at the same time we did, which is always a relief. I'll leave you to imagine the impact of airline "food" on our spoiled tastebuds and tummies. I've already lived through it once. I am dealing with stacks of mail, worried about discovering unanticipated bills and the uncertainties of not knowing whether the blog or thousands of emails will self-destruct when I turn on the "real" computer.

later well, nothing at all happened when I turned on the computer and so I spoke to a person located somewhere in the world where they apparently do not have apartment buildings. He read to me from a script, and I was too jet-lagged (I guess) to realize that he was only telling me to try resetting the modem. Which I might have thought of myself had I had a functioning brain at the time. Instead we had a lovely chat, him insisting I turn off the DSL where it comes into the building--I believe that's in a conduit beneath the street in front--or, second choice, where the line comes into the apartment--that's in the ceiling in the hall outside. In a sudden moment of clarity I realized that it was not good for me to continue this conversation so I hung up. My fault: always safer to call during local business hours. Meanwhile iPhone to the rescue. And until the computer is organized, I can unpack. Or open envelopes. Or sleep.

To answer the most pressing question: no shopping, but did top up supply of Gouttes Bleues. Foreseeing long bleary nights at desk.


  1. Ugh. Always a disappointment to come back to real life after a wonderful vacation. Best wishes for a smooth readjustment (and for tech support who not only speaks English but understands apartments).

  2. thanks, mommy dearest! Working on it!


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