Brussels: dinner at Comme Chez Soi

The restaurant is small, personal, welcoming. And always full. M. Wynants' son-in-law is in charge of the kitchen now, although we still felt the presence of Wynants père on the menu, which is a lovely mixture of classics and newer wonders. The décor has been streamlined a little, too, but you still know you're in a town where, even if Art Nouveau Isn't the latest thing, it's still considered new.

It's a happy place for indulgence, which is of course why we were there.
The meal began with amuse-bouches of a croquette of cod, crab bouillon with diced vegetables, and tiny tempura whitebait.

The stated purpose of the amuse-bouches is "pour vous mettre en appétit," but although they disappeared faster than a speeding simile, our appetites needed no help. I led off with one of the menu's classics, a delicate, lighter-than-air mousse of ham.

Next up was a roast filet of beef, accompanied by a parade of adorable (and good) little vegetables. We seem to be seeing a lot of young vegetables, but it is spring.

And dessert; I had a perfect lime soufflé with lime/mint/coriandre sorbet

and Himself indulged in another classic, poached white peaches.

Coffee, bonbons, truffles. As we left, it was raining.

We didn't care.

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