Reading on the train - La Parisienne

I had grabbed the English-language version of this book when it appeared in New York, thinking it might be fun to discuss on the blog.

I've loved and admired Ines for longer than either of us would like me to admit, so when I found Parisian Chic disappointing - confused, contradictory - I wondered whether the problems mught be attributable to a too casual translation, and decided to wait until I could pick up the original over here. Well, now I have it, and so far - um, I think I'll just read it on the TGV Brussels-Lyon. Am attracting sympathetic glances from fellow riders who've evidently concluded that I'm perusing the instructions for a Mission Impossible. Humph. Planning to discuss book in detail when back in New York. For now, let me just say that when I want to economize on jewelry I do not run to Dinh Van.


  1. I could not agree more. I love Ines and her fashion sense but I was disappointed with the book. At most it was stating the obvious. Of course, if you look like her daughter, everything will look good on you, for most of us it is a little more complicated.
    And contrary to her preaching Converse is hideous on me.

  2. ANC, I'm so glad you said that! The book was received like a spiritual awakening by the first few reviewers, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. She lost me permanently when she suggested casually tossing on two - two!- jackets. That kind of stuff could give "effortless" and "borrowed from you know who" a bad name.

  3. Oops I meant ajc! The iPhone is playing autocorrect tricks again!


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