follow the money: dinner at East Hampton Grill

After a long day of coaxing the Iphone (it won), we drove out to the East Hampton Grill for dinner. New restaurant, worth a try, what can I say, we loved it! First of all, even though its predecessor at this site, Della Femmina, was a Beloved Local Institution, we were never made to feel beloved there. This new establishment is beloved already, and with reason. You walk in, and even if there's a wait, there's a drink, there's a lawn chair, there's a nice staffer bringing you bulletins about your table, so you don't feel forgotten. Your other choice for a brief wait is the bar, but that's where they keep the thirsty fratboys. Can't have a summer resort without 'em. Anyway, then you get to sit down. On comfortable chairs. With a reading light shining onto the table! Who thought that up? It's so simple! Why doesn't everyone do it? I'm too old to go out with Eagle Scouts anymore, so I'm rarely with anyone who carries matches.

So, food.  They cook what they like, trusting that their clientele will like it too. Very sensible attitude. Himself and I both had Oysters St. Charles, 6 perfectly fried oysters sitting in their shells atop warm spinach and artichoke dip, a dollop of rĂ©moulade sauce and a drop of Crystal (hot sauce) on each oyster, bottle of Crystal on the table. He then had what looked like a slice of dinosaur, but was really roast prime rib of beef, with mashed potatoes, horseradish cream, and natural jus. I had found a French Dip sandwich on the menu, haven't had a real unprocessed one since I was really really little, so I indulged. Fortunately I was wearing the Little Sweater That Grows and Grows (the J.Crew Seacomb Sweater), so that no matter how I stuffed myself, it just hung on without clinging. Wish I could say the same for my waist and the pants I was wearing. We simply could not deal with dessert, although they did look good.

As to service, the staff get your orders right and they smile at you. Astounding.

The East Hampton Grill is owned by the same people who own the Palm Beach Grill in, oh, yes, Palm Beach, Florida, which presumably is where they learned to feed people who go to restaurants to eat. We will go back and I will report on what happens as the summer stretches on.


  1. Hello:
    This all sounds very goodly indeed - excellent in every respect.


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