my very own wish list

I 've decided to create my own, free-standing wishlist for fall/winter, and to try to remember (a) where it is, and (b) to check it periodically for inspiration and to see if there's anything I'm supposed to be following. A lot of the wishlist will be "aspirational," but I do shop better and spend less if I have a concept in mind.

  1. I wish J.Crew would do a version of this lovely and practical bag without taking shortcuts. And without raising the price, please. 
  2. Possibly the J.Crew Elsa jacket as a transitional piece. If so, in navy, and in a Tall size. I'm not tall, but I got this idea from ABiggerCloset, who posted that the difference is only an inch or so in length at hem and sleeves, and I actually think this will make the jacket work for me. The jacket's on sale already, so I'm just waiting for a good promo. Thanks, ABC!---update: just looked at it again with promo. don't think so. However, will keep the good idea about Tall sizes.
  3. The shoes that the model on the Rugby website (click link) is wearing... possibly with a less teetery heel.
  4. lot from the Theyskens' Theory fall collection. Really a lot. Gray-green velvet long coat, you will be mine. With the darker green velvet pants. Getting my stalking gear ready.
  5. For fall/winter: burgundy or cranberry light-weight tailored wool slacks. Will someone please pay attention!
  6. Also from the Theyskens' Theory fall collection, the long dark red (not orange thank goodness) trench. Loving: it's red! it has a stand collar! it's long! There are a lot of windy corners where we live, and I really don't see the point of a short heavy winter coat. Not for me, anyway. I might have to stitch up those side slits, though, otherwise could look like a whirling dervish. A cold, wet, snowy dervish. Seriously not loving: the price. We're in stalker country now, people. First I'll go try it on. Then: if there are any left by second markdown, and I have refrained from other temptations, make that from a lot of other temptations, and if there's one left in a size that looks good over winter clothes, um, we'll see. Theory girls tend to have slim backs, the worries of the world are not for them.
  7. Speaking of other temptations, I came across this gem, also J.Crew, on FabulousFloridaMommy's blog. It's up on Net-à-Porter, not yet on the J.Crew website. Love the print, it's described as all silk, lined with silk. The dress isn't for me, I don't do above-the-knees in dresses.I considered treating it as a tunic with baggy pants, but I think salwar kameez makes my bottom look fat(ter). So the wish is that J.Crew will make something for me in this delicious silk print. I'm hoping for a tailored blouse. No ruffles, no rompers, no camis. And no spangles.
The list will be updated, continued, edited... I'm hoping the weather stays clear and calm while I'm in town, so I don't have to take any shortcuts through stores. Consolidation sales are drawing to a close. 


  1. I can't look ahead to Fall yet. Summer's just arriving here, and I'm stuck wearing long pants Monday to Friday, so in my free time, it's shorts shorts and more shorts. I'd have to agree on your thoughts re: No. 7. Take the casbah print, if we could please have a normal garment made out of it... the floppy silk/cotton blend shirts are done as far as I'm concerned. They don't last even when I wash them in a lingerie bag on gentle cycle. Hoping your thoughts make it to HQ of a certain retailer through the ethernet.

  2. Thank you for providing me with so much entertainment. I have slunk away from our stay by the sea to have take a quick gander at your latest posts, under the guise of exercise.

    Do tell if you happen to find a way to order the "practical bag". Or would I be too trendy, in fact a mere mimic of her and you.

  3. Hi, Belle de Jour, I haven't found the Pippa bag in the US, so it's probably not trendy here. But you might be able to order it from Modalu:

  4. No need to reply.

    I've been checking the site for weeks. The bag, in all it's various colours, is perpetually sold out. Leaving one to wonder if in fact it exists or is merely photoshopped from pictures of she of the pert bottom.

    Do wonder how they can no longer accept pre-orders. Cannot seem to find a link or telephone number.

    Signing off,
    Converted diehard non-purse extremist


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