Some reviews and a moratorium

A package of unreturnable oddments arrived from J.Crew this afternoon. I am both pleased and relieved. No visible defects, deformities or discolorations, no bad surprises. That's the relieved part. Now for the pleased part. I guessed right on all the sizes! Details:

Navy blue linen perfect shirt just right.

Wearing it to dinner tomorrow night with white jeans, white braided rope wedges.

Ikat madras shirt silly name. A fabric is either ikat or madras, not both. Why not just call it Finally a Shirt in Cheerful Colors?
Or if that's too easy to understand, how about Deranged Chameleon? Anyway, it's here and I love it. Will wear with dark jeans, or chinos.

Heirloom lace vest this was hard to find because the Copywriter from Space classified it as a "blazer".

It is definitely not a blazer, since it does not have lapels, collar, or buttons, all of which Le Grand Dictionnaire de la Mode tells me are the essential elements of a blazer. However, it is definitely cute, I wanted an odd piece to throw over a bunch of different things, and this is great. Beautifully made, strange green color that works with blues and purples, not tans. French seams, closes with matching fabric-covered snaps. Looks good open, looks good closed. Wouldn't go for it at full price, I'm ok with it on sale + 30% and free shipping.

Now here's a suggestion: would it be so difficult to rename "Blazers"? Call it "Blazers and Jackets." There. How tough was that?

Mini-resolution: no more spending 'til Labor Day sales. I said Mini-resolution because I'm still working on New Year's resolutions from 2004, having cancelled the last of those from the previous century.


  1. would love to see the Heirloom Lace Vest in real life! Love your posts, very entertaining.

  2. Thanks, Dinster! I was afraid the lace would be on a net backing and fortunately it's not. It's supposed to be a Collection piece, but I never saw it at the Collection store, or any store for that matter, so ordering it was a real gamble. Feeling lucky. Hence the moratorium: my dad used to say "Quit while you're ahead."

  3. You had me at "unreturnable oddments".

  4. hi, Closet Crisis, glad you enjoyed. I'm hoping I can refrain from JCrewlette for a while.

  5. Nice blazer. ;^) Good work on the final sale shopping. I placed a very small order and will be looking everything over with a magnifying glass when it finally gets here. That's enough J.Crew for me, until the new arrivals next week anyway. I'm weak, it's one of my strengths.

  6. don't forget to check in strong light and in front of a mirror!

  7. I stopped making resolutions around 2004, I think.

    Glad you were pleased with your choices. I only placed the order last night, so it will be a while before I see my oddments.

  8. Hi, Rose, the vest is still a splurge, now that I've calmed down and am over the first flush of relief that it's not a bunch of pot-holder loops. But I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. As to resolutions, the list of New Year's resolutions has been remarkably static since sixth grade: keep neater notes, don't swear in front of people, stand up straighter, put things away, save money, go to France.


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