Shopping with Goldilocks

Cascade dress in clay I love this dress. Ordered 2 sizes, don't laugh, thin cotton fabric, hot summer, don't want to wear assertive undersupport and don't want to deal with unintended consequences of excessive cling. I was hoping to find a size big enough to kind of glance off the bits and bumps that stick out, and glide down gracefully. I felt like Goldilocks. Report: The S was not a good choice, the L was just OK, the M was -- just right! The real problem with the L was that the neckline was too droopy. I would have had to tape it to my shoulders to get it to drape nicely. The M clung at the right point on the shoulders. The fabric is soft, the back is very low, I'm a D cup and I doubt I'll get away with "petals," but so far this is a keeper if the right bra is out there for me. I don't think this dress calls for any accessories at all. Seriously. If my hair were very long, I'd screw it up with 2 chopsticks (exam week, anyone?). The line is simple and pure. I'm looking at the silk version and wishing for an event. So: backless bra or stay out of breezes.
The Nili Lotan long white summer dress I'd been flirting with this since I first saw it online. First it didn't arrive at Collection Store, then alis volat propia it flew out. Then the adventuresome little thing popped back on the website on the day of some grand promo or other, and I offered it a new home. We were uneasy with one another at first. I loved its French seams, its placket front, loved the neckband but was unsure about where it fell on me.  However, I thought the cuffs and sleeve openings were stingy and could not push sleeves back with insouciance as directed by Ines de la Fressange. Kiss of death was the fabric, though. It loved its pervasive wrinkles more than me. SA was shocked when I brought it back. Shocked.

Flora skirt  Same sizing issues as Cascade; I've had this one home in 3 sizes, too. They were  all within 1/2 an inch of one another in width, and I lay them out on top of one another, so they all went back. Again, thin fabric for hot summer day-into-night; cling not a desired quality. Sad, because I liked the idea. May play Goldilocks roulette again if I spy popbacks.

Seacomb sweater  Love the mix of colors in this, love the curve of the neckline, love the sleeve. Don't love: the yarn is too heavy for its own good, stretches itself out even over my flat bits, catches on -- well, just about anything. I don't think I'm going to bring it back because I grabbed it on an instore promo, and the summer is getting busy, and I have a pair of cream-colored raw silk slacks that begged me to keep it. But I won't be wearing any jewelry with it.


  1. mmmm...I loves the idea of the draping silk shift... pretty colour too!


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