handbag update: luxury isn't what it used to be...

The photo leading off this post is shamelessly copied from the Hairpin, on which is posted a very thoughtful discussion germane to my post of yesterday, in which some of us considered whether or not the availability of cheap copies diminished the pleasure we take in a costly "real" bag, and if so, do we care? Brent Cox, the author of the article (which originally appeared in the Awl and you should follow my link, it's worth reading) goes a step further and if I read him right suggests that even if the cost of producing a Wonderful Handbag appears excessive -- $39,000? not a typo -- the fact that such bag was produced by the Olsen Twins devalues the bag before it even reaches the store. I have noted that I'm reluctant to appear in or with anything that has appeared on a Celebrity, whether one of no talent, little talent, or great talent indeed. That doesn't mean I won't go for the precious thing, it just means I really think twice before deciding. It's not just the Thing. It is the Aura of the Thing, in kind of a negative way.

Also of interest in the article are some quotes from Handbag Industry Notables (you didn't know there were such people? me, neither, see how educational blogging can be?). The HINs echo the craven words of one Dear Leader and his Acolyte-in-Chief, She Who Must Be Praised, in whining about the conflict between sourcing and production costs and desired profit margins. Hey, guys, it's tough for all of us.

Naturally, during the expected torrential rains and high winds, my handbag of the day should I need to step outside of Flintstone Manor and carry anything, will be a double or triple layer of those awful plastic bags from the supermarket. If I can't find my rubber boots, they'll be footwear as well.

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Oh. I read about the Olsen Twins' bag. Obscene. Such waste, even for people who have the spare cash to burn.

    Speaking of aura of some celebrities, heard that LV was gifting the Jersey Shore posse Chanel bags to head off the crew from being seen in LV wares. LOL.

  2. I hope the storm isn't too terrible WFF. And I hope you find your wellies!


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