It's our ability to accessorize that separates us from the animals

Or so I've heard
Here's something else I'm not buying
but I'm sure there are
those who will love it
so I will not comment further.

Here is a link to help you learn more
should you wish.

Yes, it is a fully lined leopard-printed
hair calf collar.

Yes, it seems to be expensive.

Oh, well.


  1. Hmmm, Fred, I love the poem but the collar... it would still exhibit the turkey neck (looking forward for us of course we're not quite there yet) but the creepy calf hair chafing, I'm getting chills just thinking about it!

  2. ok, Dani, since you mentioned it, I think it's bl***y awful. I even wondered iwhether Dear Leader's accessories buyer had been free-lancing.

    Have you read I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron?

  3. It would feel just a bit weird to put that around my neck. It's not like it's a fur I would drape around (not that I wear any of that either). But I am sure someone will throw money at something like that. ;)

  4. Beyond weird. I'd say grotesque. Apparently it's to be worn to perk up a sweater. Let me try to sum it by saying it popped up while I was looking for another repulsive recipe.

  5. Yes, I've heard that saying before as well.

    My grandmother had a couple of crochet collars that she made to tie over crewneck sweaters. Add-on collars are perfect for grandmother, pass for me.

  6. Wow. Totally agree with you all. Creepy. Reminds me of a haute attempt of the dickie collar you can slip under a sweater to make it a turtleneck. File this in the "what were they thinking" bin.

  7. xoxo and closet crisis, I'm sticking with grotesque!

  8. Hi, Chic Chauffeur, beyond silly, no?


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