a view of our Crewlet on what should have been a great back-to-school shopping day

Just so you know, our handy Crewlet also carries Crewcuts.

The manager was keeping the staff busy. One young person was moving from rack to rack, rolling up sleeves and pants legs. Not far behind her, another young person, following only a slightly different route, was rolling them down. Grabbed a catalog and moved on to the farm stand. The farm stand lady had just bought her dinner at the fish store. "It's fluke season, you know," she said. "It almost always is, in my house," I said.


  1. ha...I love the tale of the rolled/unrolled cuffs- even when there's nothing going on it's hard to keep everyone on the same wavelength!

  2. Hi, thatdamngreendress, it's Fashion as Metaphor - J.Crew never disappoints.


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