your parents may have warned you that your degree was impractical...

Here is an example of what a perspicacious and hardworking Art History major can accomplish even if her parents refused to buy a gallery because they'd rather feed and clothe their other children. Oh, go ahead, click that link, you know you want to.

Look at the fun she's having while those of us who believed the hype that a knowledge of many languages would open many doors (maybe if you're a trilingual doorman) are reduced to correcting the spelling on cheesy t-shirts and smarming at  maitre d's....

and those who opted for Medieval Studies are trying to illuminate and gild the bar menus for Ye Olde Goode Times while not  having to wear a wench outfit - yes, I periodically hear from a poetically minded friend who keeps body and soul together by selling her (academic) soul and explaining that the lap dance was unknown before the Renaissance, at just such a place. We might hear more from her later on, she generally gets in touch around Christmas. Plenty of part-time gigs for a qualified medievalist in New York City in the winter....

And Communications does not always lead upwards, unless by upwards we mean Outer Space.
Yes, the Copywriter from Space, with her guaranteed lifetime sinecure on the J.Crew website, has struck again!
The text below describes the Nili Lotan cashmere sweater as a "cropped silhouette" which "hits at hip." I see it "hitting" at what would most likely be "above the hip" on me,  but who am I to fuss about such minor details? After all, if I don't consider my hip situation minor, who will?  What I really don't get is why the word "streamlined" repeatedly crops up with reference to Nili. After the wrinkly caftan which I was told was supposed to look like that, the droopy drawers which are again  with us in an autumn iteration, and the floppy sweaters, I'm losing track of where the streamlining is. Somewhere in production, perhaps? Don't think I'd rely on J.Crew's sources to produce a "special open-stitch weave" that would last more than one wear. Oh, and yarns are spun, not sweaters, which are knitted or crocheted, not woven? A close look (zoom, zoom) shows that this sweater is in fact knitted. And I think it may have been hiked forward for the front view, downward for the back view. Somewhere in-between may be a hip. 
Our women's design team fell in love with the streamlined silhouettes from this much-buzzed-about Israeli-born designer. Like all her creations, this sweater was carefully crafted in the designer's intimate New York atelier. Spun from the most luxurious cashmere, it features a special open-stitch weave and so-right-now cropped silhouette. In a 7-gauge knit. Crewneck
If you are discontented with your days, and have access to a computer, it really is never to late to consider a career change. So it might take 2 or 3 years, or a lot longer, if the project has to includes earning the money for childcare (or food and rent) while you do it. But at the end of that time, you'll be where you want to be, or almost. Whereas if  you don't get started, in 2 or 3 years or whatever, you'll just be that much older.


  1. Ha! I didn't study anything - I was one of those misfit loser types who got 'lost' after leaving school but this makes me feel better as I would have picked one of the above had i gotten my act together!

  2. Hi, Tabitha, and don't you sometimes wonder why it is that people get paid (perhaps not much, but still) for doing some of the things they do? Or, more to the point, why it is that after having done whatever it is they do for a protracted period, they are still being paid?

    We just felt an earthquake here, the Deity's way of saying DSK should be prosecuted? The DA had to interrupt his apologia....


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