Cirque de Legume: just what they said!

By now you've all figured out that not only do I love dining out, I also get a kick out of people who enjoy food by doing things with it that -- well, that I wouldn't. New York has a number of tiny theaters, and we passed one the other night that had an enticing sign about a Vegetable Circus. Knowing nothing about it, and hoping only that we wouldn't get splashed by zooming melons, we decided to eat later and see the show now.

It doesn't have a plot.
It doesn't have sets.
It doesn't have special effects.
The only characters are a Him Clown and a Her Clown.
It doesn't have dialog, except every once in a while the Him Clown shouts out "Cirque de L├ęgume!" and a few other lines that I don't recall. The Her Clown does not have any lines, although she does get to make noise periodically.

So why did we have such a good time? It's funny. A Highlight: Him Clown chases Her Clown around stage while barking and holding a head of Romaine Lettuce which transforms him into an Overly Friendly But Not Very Bright Dog. Yes it does.

We did not bring any small children with us, but several people did, and the kids had a great time. Here I note sententiously that it's difficult to find theatre for kids that doesn't have double entendres or implausible love stories or scary vanished parents, so I recommend this for tired adults looking for a goofy unchallenging laugh, and for children too.

This post will go up while we're recovering from our West Coast adventure. I hope. Typically my mind and body adjust to West Coast time about 8 hours after landing back in New York.

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