Dinner at La Plage, Wading River

La Plage is a tiny restaurant right on Long Island Sound. The Sound is a generally placid body of water that opens out into the Atlantic, with Long Island's north shore and north fork on its south side, Connecticut on its north. The restaurant started as a fried fish shack, was bought by energetic new owners who hired a cook from Le Bernardin. Wonderful place, wrong location, rave reviews, didn't make money. The owners  have "tuned it up" regularly over the years, the guy from Le Bernadin is no longer around, and the restaurant has become more and more simplified each time.

The menu now is not challenging, same 2 meats, 3 fish, 5 pastas, 1 poultry as a lot of others, but the place is friendly and relaxing. This is what it looked like as we were leaving. You can tell by the full moon that we were there mid-August, but I'm only getting around to posting now.

This is La Plage's version of beef carpaccio. The ingredients are top quality, but each summer there's less and less beef and more and more arugula and decorative elements.

But the sunsets are glorious. Just glorious. And the wine list is nice and varied. I don't remember what our main courses were, too much time toasting the sunset. Himself had dessert, not original, but we were in no mood for an anise-and-lavender challenge with flower petals of dubious origin. Flourless chocolate cake was just fine, thanks.


  1. It's too bad the restaurant is located so poorly. The sunset is fab, makes the carpaccio a little better, maybe? The dessert is very pretty, I love me a choco cake.


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