the fall trends are trending, and what's new? anatomy!

   The text below describes this Nili Lotan cashmere sweater as a "cropped silhouette" which "hits at hip". I see it "hitting" at what would most likely be "above the hip" on me,  but who am I to fuss about such minor details? After all, if I don't consider my hip situation minor, who will? What I really don't get is why the word "streamlined" repeatedly crops up with reference to Nili. After the wrinkly caftan which I was told was meant to look like that, the droopy drawers which are again with us in an autumn iteration, and the floppy sweaters, I'm losing track of where the streamlining is. Somewhere in production, perhaps? Don't think I'd rely on J.Crew's sources to produce a "special open-stitch weave" that would last more than one wear. Oh, and yarns are spun, not sweaters, which are knitted or crocheted, not woven? A close look (zoom, zoom) shows that this sweater is in fact knitted. And I think it may have been hiked forward for the front view, downward for the back. Somewhere in-between may be a hip.  
Our women's design team fell in love with the streamlined silhouettes from this much-buzzed-about Israeliborn designer. Like all her creations, this sweater was carefully in the designer's intimate New York atelier. Spun from the most luxurious cashmere, it features a special open-stitch weave and so-right-now cropped silhouette. In a 7-gauge knit. Crewneck

Well, moving on. I also had a close look at the Moto Leather Tee. This is an example of something really interesting that could have been something great. I would have wanted set-in sleeves, not merely an extension of the body at the shoulder line, which in leather can peak up in an unflattering way. I also would have wanted to have the seam between leather top half and the knit bottom half be either quite a bit lower, or at what I will call the "high underarm". As it is, the seam is not at the best point for most women. Maybe that's a way of keeping it exclusive. I love the dark green color, but at this price ($495) they could have put a little more thought into the design, and could have provided more info on how it closes at the back neck.

Left, the Pony Cardigan, no. 48782. The sleeves and back are a wool knit, the front is Italian calf hair. It comes in navy. I would have loved this in the deep green! And for once, the Copywriter from Space was having a Personal Day. No complaints about the straightforward description. The website picture, which I shamelessly copied, shows what is either a fold with shadow, a slash pocket or a defect. I guess I'll vote for Option 1. The opening price is $650, so I doubt we'll be seeing this on the Trans-Canada Highway real soon.

Looking at skirts: I think that adding a mini to one's wardrobe at this stage would be a mistake. If you love how you look in minis, you probably have a lot. If you don't, this is not the time to start. Here is the two-toned circle skirt in felted wool. I didn't like it at 21" long, thought that was more of a skating skirt in an unsuitable fabric. However, since I first looked at it, it has grown longer!  It's now 24" long! So I think I'll try it on. Not sure about the preponderance of gathers over the stomach, this is not an area I try to maximize.

a long and lofty silhouette,
with gentle shirring at the waist
that keeps things fresh and
feminine. Featuring our favorite
detail of the moment: a two-tone
neutral palette that complements
the vibrant hues we're loving right
now.Felted wool. A-line shape.Sits
at waist. Straight waistband.Side zip.
Slant pockets. Fully lined. 24" long.
Part of J.Crew Collection. Import.
Dry clean. Available at
and the J.Crew Collection & Bridal
Boutique at 769 Madison Avenue, NY.
revised version above
An elegant nod to vintage in a long and lofty silhouette, with gentle shirring at the waist that keeps things fresh and feminine. Featuring our favorite detail of the moment: a two-tone neutral palette that complements the vibrant hues we're loving right now. Felted wool. A-line shape. Sits at waist. Straight waistband. Side-seam pockets. Fully lined. 21" long. 
BOSS Orange
Helmut Lang
And while we're looking at skirts, just about everyone is doing a partially leather skirt this season. Adjoining, for instance, is BOSS Orange's version. Not bad. Michael Kors has a version, Helmut Lang is showing a leather and twill paneled mini, and J.Crew is showing a part wool, part leather skirt as well. The seam joining the leather and the wool doesn't look like it's at a great location for everyone, and I myself am too curvy to do well in wrap skirts, but it's said to be sold out. I remind myself that I own a number of items that were trumpeted as being so wonderful that everyone but me knew enough to grab them early. They come back.
J.Crew version
Lesson: think twice, buy once. Later.


  1. The mind is boggled. All this stuff, even when the CFS is not in attendance, I'm not getting it.
    Your tag: rules to live by Darling! My new Fed Mantra: think twice buy once Later.

  2. Must adopt same mantra but modified - perhaps think four times, buy once. On sale.

    Mantra obvs does not apply to any of the above items. They were easily dismissed out of hand.

  3. Oh not the Feds, I meant Fred Mantra!

  4. Words to live by, ITA with danibp. JC is trying to be edgy, preppy, mod, classic...all at once and it. does. not. work. please don't get me started on the pants with the lobsided crotch.

  5. Dani, I've wound up with too many mistakes from panic buying. And the things I looked at here - well, I can't even be sure they reached the market looking the way they were supposed to. I think my favorite is the skirt that grew 3 inches between the time I first looked at it and the time I posted.

    Mommydearest, vision of self striding up to rack, frowning at shirt, walking away, over and over. Not a bad vision at that, all things considered.

    Closetcrisis, so much for the return to the classics. Sigh. What confuses me most is the apparent lack of interest in the human body.

  6. Thanks again for another amusing post :-)

    I am in complete agreement with your mantra. In my experience - if something is that great that is sells out too fast =, it either A.) comes back on sale, or B.) is replaced as the "it" item within a few weeks. Patience is key, and some things just aren't meant to be acquired by everyone, (she tells herself wishing she'd have splurged on that white Prabal blazer from the spring.) C'est la vie.

  7. Hi, JulieStyles, my experience chasing down the Jeweled Jardin Jacket ranged from "only a very few were made in a small range of sizes" to "it sold out on preorder even before it was up on the web or in the stores" (huh?) to seeing a whole rack in store, in a whole size range from 00 to 14. It still rankles.

    It occurs to me that maybe it's not me that's amusing, it's my topics and I am but a mere scrivener. I'm getting just unbelievably sappy emails from Neimans. And collecting them (heh, heh, heh).

  8. Think twice, buy once is great advice. I'm really excited for some fall trends. And I love the shape of some of the new skirts but I don't like how they look on my short short frame :(

  9. Hi, Savannah! Other thoughts: Does it fit? - my body; does it fit - where my head's at; does it fit - my life; does it fit - the event; does it fit - where I'll be in a week/month/year? I don't know when shopping got so complicated. When everything else did, I guess. When prices went up and resources went down.


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