update: same skirt, different description - was it something I said?

My last post included a helpful discussion of the different locations of the human knee and ankle. I'd like to offer words of praise and congratulations to the reader who took the post to heart and altered the copy that had blithely described a knee-length skirt as ankle-length. The description is a very grown-up paragraph (although the title still talks about knife pleats, oh well, life is the art of the possible) and you have done well. Anyone who finds that statement unclear is respectfully directed to the previous post. Of course my PR person is claiming the credit for what appears to be a little attention to your modest observer. Huh. You'd think she was getting paid.

The flowers are for she who braved the wrath of you-know-who and made a correction. Brava !


  1. A day or so after the skirt came online, I noticed the ankle/knee error. So while on a live chat with a personal shopper, I commented somebody should correct. She said she'd pass on to team. Don't know if that actually made it happen .... That reminds me ... meant to drop them a line about a grammar error printed on a tee for kids a couple years back. That just seems so doubly wrong.

  2. Hi, TiffanyRose, they are mysterious indeed! When I got up today, there were all kinds of wonderful things in the sale section - hacking jacket, moore jacket - but without prices! So I called, hoping to grab a buy. Oops. That stuff has now disappeared. Sigh.

  3. Ha! Still dancing away to their favorite summer tunes...

  4. I think I figured it out - most of the things I was thrilled to see in the Sale section have been moved back to Collection. Oh well.


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