We arrived in Paris on a lovely sunny day, just in time for lunch. The day's plan called for lunch at Spring (2 Michelin stars), walking (about the best thing to do in Paris besides eat), and dinner at Passage 53 (another 2 Michelin stars). Were we up to the challenge? Well, part of what made it possible was that at both restaurants, there is no menu. They do check if they have to take allergies into account, discuss the food in terms of wine choices, and then you sit still and they bring you things. No neurotc discussions of what's on the plate, is it too light, too heavy, whatever. They bring, you eat. And both restaurants are tiny, tiny places and waaaay to cool for me to take photos at table. The similarity stops there, because the personalities of the restaurants are very different.
Spring: tiny, maybe 20 seats, a hole-inthe-wall, well, in stone walls, wooden beams, karge windows, metal circular stairs to a wine bar downstairs. Our amuse-bouche: a magnificent chicken consommé with tiny slivers of brill, foie gras, wild mushrooms, fresh herbs. Could have happily sipped this all afternoon. Didn't have to, 2 perfectly cooked sea scallops came next, followed by absolutely the best pigeon we have ever eaten. Dessert: pear clafoutis. Goal: simplicity of preparation, perfect technique, and the very finest products. Result: success. At the beginning, reaction: cool, cute. After first sip: attention. At end: completely understood what the fuss is about, and you should go.

A walk on a lovely fall day, and then dinner at Passage 53, which will get its own post.


  1. Hi,
    This is the Aquatic Attorney from JCA. We spoke of Spring months ago. It is truly a delight and it is with reverence that I remember their style and the purity of the flavors. Glad you finally made it and agree with my assessment. Looking up Passage 53, whilst salivating.
    Bon appetit.

  2. Hi, AA! What an adventure! No dinner bookings available, then they weren't doing lunch anymore, then they were but only certain dAys... It's a wonder we had any appetite left! (But we did, and it was worth it).


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