Best foot forward for Spring with Myopic Photoshop Guy

All is unquiet in the hallowed halls of J.Crew. That stumbling block on the path to world domination, Myopic Photoshop Guy, has struck again. I was trolling some favorite websites when the iPad went to the J.Crew website all by itself. It wanted to tell me to look at the Collection shoes. Most of them are for people but some are for paper dolls. See pictures.

Well. Just the thing for Spring - placeholders. Snakeskin my foot. Oops, I meant - well, my foot.


  1. Why Fred, don't you recognize the checkered python?

    1. Oh, right, the MD Herpetarium! Lyons and tygers and snakes, oh my!

  2. That's hilarious. You never know where the iPad is going to, do you? :D

  3. Hi, Rose, the iPad leads, I but follow.


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