a tropical themed dinner for a chilly gray night

Yep, you guessed it, roasted baloney garnished with bananas and heaven only knows what else. Whoopee.


  1. LOL! What 50's era cookbook is that from? The hotdog standing roast was still better.

  2. Hi, Lane, Gawwwd no. I couldn't find the picture of the whole roast midget baloney, cross-scored, studded with cloves and glazed. I know I saw one somewhere. Probably not in Julia Child.

  3. Hi, kitsmommy, I'd like to say it's from The Senate Cookbook, but I can't source it because when I collected the various pictures and recipes I was still not very adept with the computer. And I agree, the crown roast of frankfurters is immortal.

  4. It just gets wersa and wersa doesn't it ;)

  5. Hi, Rose, it's alllwayyyys sumthin!

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