Key West: the psychic who's probably not doing all that well

On the door, by the bell:

So if she can see to do all that, how come she needs a bell to tell her someone's at the door?

In my last post I mentioned that Key West is working on its "homeless situation." Here's how:

Not clear how they think this approach will help boost tourism.
Perhaps the KW city council should seek advice from Congress.

Beautiful dawns, endless blue ocean, lovely sunsets. Time to tidy the condo and move on to Miami.


  1. Oh, good ones! Thanks for the laugh, WFF! Hope you are continuing to have a great time!

  2. Tourists are always good fodder for the panhandlers. It seems our local street people are invisible, yet when we travel elsewhere we are saddened at the plight of the many homeless.

    I miss the vacation days of reading the newspaper over morning tea. Ah, enjoy.


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