Does a Muse have a future in politics?

I did go play in some stores this weekend, but by and large the results were discouraging.
I don't like the way synthetic materials feel on my skin.

I'm considering alternatives.
I wonder if these fibers pill.

If I made my own jewelry, I wouldn't limit myself to mystery metal:
natural fibers have a lot to offer.

Actually, I wouldn't have to limit my creativity to clothing and jewelry. 
I could do a line of home furnishings.

Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't goat hair be cashmere? 
I'm sure there's a market for cheap cashmere. 
Only maybe the little rugs and
throws would pill?
 I'll just table this one for now.
Well, I'll report on the store visits later. 
I actually bought multiples of a top I love.
But now I have to finish reading the fatuous remarks
of a Muse 
who needs a reality check
before some demented soul decides 
she's so disconnected from economic realities, 
she could be convinced to run for Vice President.


  1. Too funny - there was a lady around here who would spin dog hair into yarn and it was quite lovely. My dad had a nova scotia duck toller who had a beautiful coat and he was collecting her hair when he brushed her, but you needed quite a few bags to have enough yarn to make something of substance, and he finally gave up, but she was the most gorgeous caramel colour and it would have made a divine sweater, which I was more than willing to make for him!

    I agree completely about the Muse becoming more and more out of touch. It is obviously the age-old story of believing your own press. I have no issue with her wanting to go high end - just stick to that and give us back old JCrew...

  2. WMM we had a nova scotia duck toller but had to give her to another family as my daughter is very allergic. She had masses of hair, Fred could do a stunning craft project out of it! Fred you kill me I've never heard of such a thing, but yes I guess I have as cashmere is well, goat's hair.
    Fred I guess you are reading the Daily article in which Jenna promises us she's going to surprise us with who know's what? Not limiting herself to bugle-bead-butt pants any longer apparently.

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  4. Isn't the Muse stuck at J.Crew because of that 1 million she received back in 2009? If she leaves early without 'good reason' she'll lose it, or at least lose half of it now if she leaves before October 27th of 2013. Seems to me that since she can't leave without losing all that money, she is determined to try and change J.Crew into something more like where she really wants to be. Thus all the 'high-end' and 'aspirational' pieces.

  5. Hi, WMM, the media coverage reminds me more and more of Page 6 reports of the antics of aging celebrities, repetitive, vacuous, annoying, yet somehow threatening the collapse of Western capitalism.
    I always wished I could find a way to bring my beloved pets to school with me, Our poodle (long since gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds) believed he was a watch dog/guard dog, but I could never convince him to act like a guide dog.

  6. Hi, Dani, most, well, practically all, of my crafting is purely theoretical, but sometimes I wonder if the world would be a better and safer place if a number of fashion people, not just the Muse, had stuck to smaller creative projects.

    It really annoys me to see airheads in positions of responsibility in any field.

    Meanwhile, here's a little treat that didn't make it into the post:


  7. Hi, FFM, you got it in one, as usual! I was going to say something about the dangers of a "golden handcuffs" clause, but perhaps "carefully antiqued bronze and zinc bangles" would be more à propos?

  8. I regret to say that your post reminds me of a news stories from a few years back. Reportedly some toys made in People's Republic had been stuffed with animal hair, and while others were clad in animal fur...and these were toys for children!

    Which leads nicely into the point that I have to make about SWMBA... with her apparent lack of business sense, the outsourcing of manufacturing to various sketchy overseas factories have led to some quality disasters. If she's so intent on providing a quality product, she really should explore moving the manufacturing back to North America. My fave coat and jeans at the moment are made in the US and Canada respectively. They are not cheap, but they are stylish and very well made. I was happy to pay what I did.

    I really don't get how someone wearing the title as VP can get away with no responsibility of production/outcome. Guess money talks: the almighty re-signing bonus and shareholder returns have over powered the customers' voices.

  9. Hi, CC! Thank you for those well thought out and reasoned comments. I was initially curious about SWMBA and wanted to see what she could do - there are people who can do anything! I've concluded that SWMBA's not one of them. Someone who actually tells a journalist that she's uncomfortable with the business side of running her company? That must have been great for company morale. And yet she prospers... Well, golden handcuffs have a lot to answer for, or, in this case, overpriced mystery metal handcuffs.

  10. And the real true secret reason of why I would refrain from buying a super expensive item, or even a collaboration, from JCrew? I think that in order to meet their profit desiderata, they'd skimp on the workmanship. It's one thing to toss a $7 tank top, but a $700 skirt? That could be really annoying.


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