Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, London

Wednesday, 21 March. After several tries at a distinctive name and a corporate upheaval or two, the restaurant has settled in as Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley. A herd of exotic pigs guards the entries to this restaurant and to Koffman, the other restaurant at the Barkeley.

I thought I'd try to do the post in the style of the menu, that is,
 minimal commentary, a bare list of principal ingredients. 
Picture yourself in a dark room, staring at a mysterious menu, hungry
and wishing for a flashlight. In fairness, everything was delicious.
I'd go back in a minute, but in daylight.
the amuse-bouche: a cup of asparagus soup, truffle shavings.

salted butter and spiced butter

a very, very, very dressy boeuf tartare (Himself's starter, 
described by him as "meant to be admired rather than eaten")
Veal sweetbread, wet polenta, shiitake, fresh truffles - my starter! Mine!
Herdwick mutton, caper, raisin, cabbage, spices
Dorset turbot, celeriac, radicchio, sorrel
Moelleux, orange/mango, cointreau

Apple cream, apple jelly, crisp cinnamon wafers

I did not photograph the coffee. And to all a good night.


  1. It all looks delicious! Happy travels!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Looks like you had yet another amazing meal (drools).

  3. Hi, Closet Crisis, yes, I always get a bit worried when there's a blurb about "local, seasonal" that ends in cabbage and turnips, but I needn't have worried. All wonderful, not a rutabaga in sight.

    1. OK, but what's wrong with cabbage, turnips, and rutabagas? :D

    2. not a thing as far as nutrition goes, but not exactly festive.

  4. Looking so good darling! would you like to follow each other?:X


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