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written 22 May  Our first dinner in Paris was at Spring! We'd had lunch here on our fall trip and were very impressed, so much so that it was the first place Himself suggested when we learned we'd be back in Paris in early spring (not a wordplay). The restaurant is tiny and impeccable. There are rarely any choices, just a set menu at lunch and another at dinner, but when you call to reserve, you are asked about allergies, intolerances and food preferences. Staff is warm and welcoming, in the French not Californian style.

Here is what we had:

After nibbles with drinks, dinner began with crisp-skinned red mullet, accompanied by marinated (but still crunchy) vegetables, onions, cabbage, cucumber.

Then foie gras in a mysterious rich (alchemical?) broth.

The lively main course was roast veal and sweetbreads. I didn't like the way the picture of this came out - sometimes food photography defeats me, as in: ooohh, brown lumps on brown stuff, um, I can see why you love to eat out in France.

Dessert was simple - house-made honey ice cream with praline crunchies.

And there was wine.

And the neighborhood is merry and colorful for walking around after dinner.

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