another "It" bag

from Pylones, Lexington Avenue at 63rd Street. I think of Pylones as a toy store for days when I'd rather be in Paris, but it's a great place to take pre-teens who need to be rewarded for having been patient while the grownups were looking at clothes. There's a Pylones in Rockefeller Center and another in Soho. I also love their retro (40's and 50's) kitchen gadgets and the TDF aprons.

This is another "it" bag, canvas tote with picture of costly arm candy.


  1. Hello:
    We are sure that it is all very splendid but, on balance, we should, as you, prefer to be in Paris. And rather nearer for us too!

  2. Bon jour, Jane and Lance! Actually the way even small operations are opening in major cities, it's hard to find something that's unique to just one town. I expect Budapest will be catching up...


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