back to New Orleans

an uneventful flight (oh, when will the day come when New Yorkers can stop saying that!), and here we are in New Orleans for the second weekend of Jazzfest. Now for only a few days you would think packing would be a snap. Guess again. Each day starts with breakfast in town and a little exploring, so skirt and tee, then out to the fairgrounds for music and foooood in the sunshine, tank and shorts, then dinner - you get the picture. Plus the tank/shorts can only be worn once, plus it's necessary to be prepared for rain and mud... Shoes. Hats. Jacket, cotton cardi for air conditioning.

The first thing we did on arrival, naturally, was change and go out to dinner. August! Oh, I just love this place.
Everyone's doing fancy cocktails with their very own cocktail menus which usually read like recipes for medieval cures for snakebite and sore feet. This time was different, I wanted to taste the August version of the Dark & Stormy. Wow. If I had more of a talent for drinking, another 2 or 3 of these delectable creations could have been dinner. That.good. Naturally the glass was full when it came to the table but greedy me didn't stop to take a picture till a little later.

This came with the drinks, too, an eggshell filled with a fluffy and mild fish mousse, caviar on top, tiny breadstick.

I was still hungry when my starter arrived, oysters, pork belly, a dumpling filled with Creole cream cheese, bacon bits, teeny tomatoes.

Others had better manners than I, here's a soft shell crab with green garlic, sitting on a corn cake.

And here's foie gras three ways

and duck with a piece of foie gras.

My dessert was an off-menu special, dark chocolate patÄ— with brown butter ice cream. I ordered it for the chocolate but the ice cream was outrageous.

Another dessert

and I've decided to stop immortalizing coffee cups. Back to hotel to rest up for Jazzfest.


  1. I'm curious and have to ask, why do you say, "oh, when will the day come when New Yorkers can stop saying that!" about the flight being uneventful. As long as I can remember, everyone I know has said that the flight was uneventful, unless of course there was some event like a major storm, serious turbulence, etc. It's like
    "How are you?"
    "Fine thank you, and you?"

    "How was the flight?"
    "It was uneventful."

    Is this not normal? What am I missing?

  2. Hi, xoxo, I first noticed it about a year after 9/11. It's still here.

  3. I was curious so I asked my mom about this and she said it was one of those things that has been said for decades. She mentioned Tenerife and thought that was when people started saying it by her recollection.

    People I know, including me, say the same and have for as long as I can remember. I don't think it is specific to New York or since 9/11.

  4. Hi, xoxo, not arguing, just that I began to notice it as an automatic response after 9/11. Before that, the grumpy people I know (ok, maybe a limited sample) would complain about delays, inedible food, cold coffee, crowded oversold flights, turbulence, snippy personnel... Now we're just glad to get up and get down safely. I'm sure that after the Titanic, responses to "How was the crossing?" changed a little also. Anyway, we're back home now. Uneventfully.

  5. WFF, I'm not arguing either. Just saying that I hear it from most everyone. It's interesting how things evolve. Air travel used to be held to a certain standard and you're right, now we are just happy to get there.


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